Monday, May 13, 2013

Job Scavenging

Well, I graduated. People tell me the next step is to get a job. So I'm job scavenging. I'm choosing "scavenging" over "hunting" because it sounds much more desperate and lonely--which is exactly what it's like. (It also makes it sound a little Tomb Raider-y.)

Every time I sit down to send out applications, I get this horrible feeling inside. It's like a little Christina Aguilera has burrowed deep inside my guts and she's performing songs from Lotus. No, she's belting them. And doing that hand thing with every riff and run. (You know exactly what I'm talking about.) And Cee Lo Green is there, too, for a duet. It hurts so much.

I shouldn't be feeling this way. I've got all the things they tell you to have--the great resume, cover letter, experience. I've had more than enough preparatory classes, mock interviews, even successful real interviews.

I think my experience this time is a little clouded by my previous post-graduation failures. When I graduated with my Visual Merch degree back in 2010, the job scene was bleak. Granted, I was probably way less qualified for things back then and, arguably, that degree is a fucking joke. I did get a few interviews and even a job offer, but compared to how many applications I sent out, that number was low. But I guess that's how it goes.

This whole on-the-verge-of-something-new thing isn't helping either. (Watch this for reference.) I'm hoping to move for the job thing, I'm waiting to hear from some people who have the book proposal, and (wait for it) I think I have a crush on a boy(????) for the first time in a while. Transitional periods always make me want to simultaneously run a marathon and lie facedown on the floor.

We can probably all agree I just need to take a deep breath and feed that little Xtina in my stomach some ice cream or Taco Bell or something. Or maybe some alcohol. Probably that. I've only been done with school about a week. I've got summer plans to look forward to (VidCon!) and should be enjoying all this time I have that I can spend Skyping with my friends and trolling the 'net. Yes, I think I'll have a Brinty Bomber.

(I didn't walk at graduation this time around, so here's a pic of when I graduated in Philly back in 2010 with my friends, Molly, Alex, and Caitlyn.)