Monday, May 6, 2013

Writing, Again

I think it's time I have a dedicated writing blog again. If you're really into reading lists, I'm about to explore this further. So go take a pee break, get some chips, sit back, and prepare yourself for the most exciting roller coaster-of-a-blog-entry you'll ever read. It's gonna be great, I promise. There's cake at the end! Nah, there's no cake. But there is a photo of me with animated cat ears. Am I lying? Maybe. You just scrolled down to check, didn't you? I'm so hurt you didn't trust me. To make it up to me, you can read the whole blog entry.

1. First, I think it's a little ridiculous for a hopeful writer not to have a writing blog. How can I be part of a community I don't participate in?

2. It's time--and I have time. It's been a little weird not having a dedicated writing outlet for the past two years because otherwise I've had a blog in some form since my emo days in junior high.

I think perhaps all the writing I was doing in school was satisfying my communication needs. I think I was also just really fucking exhausted creatively. Being a full-time student, part-time writing tutor, and penning three video scripts each week has really made me want to roll in front of a bus more than a few times. The video scripts are still haunting me, but now I've graduated and, man, I really miss being assigned essays. I'll let you guess how many friends I made in school. (The answer is zero.)

3. My brain needs a dedicated space for writing. Over these past two years, I've tried posting blog entries to either my personal site or my tumblr, but they just never really seemed to fit in with the rest of the content there. Luckily, the Internet allows me to have as many blogs as I want. The whole system is practically begging for the creation of another shitty blog. Well, here it is!

4. I want to keep my brain in shape. Now would not be a good time to get lazy with my writing.

5. I'd like a place to respond to things outside of videos. What "things"? "Things" could be anything, I guess. Comments, questions, bananas, cats, octopi. Octopuses? Someone always yells at me regardless of which one I use. I bet you fifty dollars someone will tweet me a lecture regarding octopus plurals after reading this. I bet you fifty more dollars I won't give you the money when it doesn't happen. What was I talking about?

6. It feels like an interesting time to begin documenting this journey. I just graduated school about a week ago for the...third time? (Is anybody counting?) I'm looking to move. (Fingers crossed.) And I'm just beginning to shop around the proposal I've written for my book--something I've been working on in private for a while, but which I now feel ready to talk about.

Though many of my old blogs have seemingly disappeared, I privately maintain all the entries. One of my favorite things to do is dive into old entries and see where I was at different times in my life. Usually I end up shaking my head and wishing I could build a time machine so I could go back and kick my own ass. But it's still interesting, and I feel like this is a time that needs preserving.

So here we go again. I've got a nice, clean, white blogspace that the left side of my brain is very much enjoying, but that the right side can't wait to destroy. No promises the writing will be good or without error. No promises whatsoever, actually. Just that this is where I'll be writing.

I'll leave you with a little nugget from an old blog entry from December 2007. It's a graphic my friend, Molly, made for me and I think it sums up my past self pretty damn well. Plus, it satisfies my promise to you for a photo of me with cat ears.