Saturday, June 29, 2013


This past week went from bad to worse. Korea is off. I've been pretty sick. I'm going to the hospital on Monday to be poked and prodded with lots of needles and things, and I think I'm in for a bumpy ride for a while. It's not anything I want to talk about, and I hope people understand. I've logged off Twitter for a week or so (It's already weird not tweeting all the time. Twitter is my fave social site), and I may take off a week or two from YouTube (except for Answerly, where I'll still be posting some pre-recorded videos every Wednesday that I have on reserve). But who says I can't still blog here, right? Or reblog cats and comics and things on Tumblr?

Speaking of cats, I drove to PetSmart today to pet the cats. I'm not allowed to have any pets while I'm at home, and sometimes you just really need to pet a cat, you know?

One of the cats I spent time with today. You can tell he really enjoyed my company.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


The following comment was left on my Answerly video today:

"Joe I feelsad when I´m watching your videos cuz you usedto be so happy and you were smiling all the time and now you look upset and i just wanna hug you and just ugh"

Comments like this make me very sad--for a couple reasons.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Typos vs Grammatical Errors

This has been on my mind far too long and I'm ready to spill it out.

Being trained to work in a writing center and dealing with different sorts of writers for a long time has given me a whole new outlook on the differences between typos and grammatical errors.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Korea Post

I wrote this entry four days ago and didn't post it. It's lengthy and rambling, so grab a snack, get comfortable, and remember you can't blame me when you get halfway through and realize it's not getting any better because I've already warned you now.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Becoming A PC Again

I purchased a PC laptop this past week after being a Mac user for about six years. Most recently, I bought an iMac during fall of last year but, because of situations (mainly involving Korea, which I know I really, really need to discuss) I need something more portable. I quickly realized I could get something about twice as powerful as any Mac for half the price so, being budget conscious, I took the leap back to PC.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

This Time, I Will Post This

I've written a total of six complete, lengthy blog entries in the past few days and have posted zero. One was about an annoying series of prank calls I've been receiving. Another was about a little event that happened while I was looking for Korean language books in Barnes and Noble the other day. Yet another was simply an entire list of petty frustrations titled, "A List Of Petty Frustrations You Shouldn't Read." (I'm glad I didn't post that one.) There was one about a quote I enjoy (maybe I'll rewrite that one later) and one more where I tried to explain this whole Korean thing. Finally, I wrote one trying to explain all this, and I even abandoned that as well. This time, I will post this.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hurtling Away From Entropy

As all five or six of you who read my writing blog on Tumblr will have seen, I've transferred all my blog posts here and will be posting all new ones here as well. In addition, this site got a makeover. (All four of you who have ever been to it will notice. Or maybe you won't.) (Also, to clarify, my main Tumblr blog will still be running until the end of time because I can't escape that. It's my writing Tumblr blog that is being transferred here. Life is so confusing, I know.)

I'm a little tired because I've been running around to different doctors today to get immunization shots (for Korea! more on that very soon), but here's a list of reasons why this change has occurred: