Friday, June 14, 2013

Becoming A PC Again

I purchased a PC laptop this past week after being a Mac user for about six years. Most recently, I bought an iMac during fall of last year but, because of situations (mainly involving Korea, which I know I really, really need to discuss) I need something more portable. I quickly realized I could get something about twice as powerful as any Mac for half the price so, being budget conscious, I took the leap back to PC.

The switch is taking some getting used to. So far, I don't mind Windows 8. The app store sucks ball, but I don't really need much. This thing has four times the memory of my iMac and dual video cards which makes playback during video editing orgasmic. I may have moaned out loud at one point yesterday while testing it out. Even with my iMac, editing in HD was still occasionally pokey in Final Cut Pro (and don't get me started on rendering), but so far everything seems smooth and silky on this PC. Final Cut Pro is probably the only Mac-exclusive program I'll really miss, and I'm still shopping around for a replacement editor. It'll be hard to replace that program (despite the pokey-ness). I imagine it's like dating anyone else after experiencing Zac Efron. Sure, other guys have penises, but those penises aren't attached to Zac Efron. I wonder how Vanessa Hudgens coped.

I can already tell I'm gonna go a little wild with games. Mac gaming is mediocre at best, and the library kinda blows (not that I download a ton of games). But, I can finally play the entire Tomb Raider library on my computer (which is the best platform for it IMO) including the older games that don't work on newer Macs but are available for Windows on Steam. And, since I opted for a gaming/entertainment build, I'm looking forward to some crispy graphics, too. The sounds that will be coming out of me later will probably make the neighbors call the police.

I'm also back into this Windows-only MMORPG called Flyff, which I used to be obsessed with back in my early PC days of college. I don't wanna brag but I was totally a level 65-70 magician. I know. Try to keep your pants on. Unfortunately, my character was automatically deleted during my inactive Mac years, but I recreated him yesterday and somehow ended up playing until 6 a.m., which is totally fine because I'm unemployed.

So hopefully this blog entry didn't turn you on too much. I know what the tech talk does to some people. I'm off to go level up my character and raid some tombs. I can pretty much guarantee no one will be raiding mine any time soon.