Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hurtling Away From Entropy

As all five or six of you who read my writing blog on Tumblr will have seen, I've transferred all my blog posts here and will be posting all new ones here as well. In addition, this site got a makeover. (All four of you who have ever been to it will notice. Or maybe you won't.) (Also, to clarify, my main Tumblr blog will still be running until the end of time because I can't escape that. It's my writing Tumblr blog that is being transferred here. Life is so confusing, I know.)

I'm a little tired because I've been running around to different doctors today to get immunization shots (for Korea! more on that very soon), but here's a list of reasons why this change has occurred:

1. I'm obsessed with simplicity.

If you haven't noticed, all my social networking sites are fairly simple and I'm always looking for ways to simplify them further. I'm not saying having two Tumblrs was too much for me to cope with. My brain isn't that slow (arguable). But the new YouTube layout (that awful thing) only allows one link from each social  networking site on the banner, so two Tumblrs wouldn't do.

I thought about using the little bonus link and pointing it towards my writing Tumblr, but I wanted to use that for this site. Sooooo, I decided if I couldn't use both, why not just combine my site with my blog like a normal fucking person and move on with my life? This may only make sense in my head. I think one of these vaccines is making me think slower than usual today. Do vaccines do that? No? I see.


After about a month of textual blogging on Tumblr, I realized the site just isn't as equipped for writing blogs as I thought. (I'm speaking in regards to my blogging needs. I'm sure many lovely people have many lovely text-based blogs on Tumblr.)

The theme I was using on Tumblr didn't allow commenting, and I could never get Disqus to work. This site is Blogger-based (and therefore super simple) so my aging mind is able to comprehend most of what's going on and change things easily. And now commenting is available so I can hear what all five of you reading this have to say. (I don't think my past blog entries really got any comments and I honestly don't expect this to change. But it's a nice feature to have just incase.)

3. More flexibility with posts.

Yes, exactly that. More ways to move around images and text and videos and all sorts of things. Yay!

4. I want to be like Hayley G. Hoover.

Hayley uses Blogger and I admire Hayley's blog. I've had approximately six and exactly five different writing blogs since about 2008. I just can't stay settled. And yet here's Hayley G. Hoover, plodding away on the same blog since 2009 like she owns the fucking world. (I love Hayley to death, incase this isn't clear. To death.)

Part of my problem is I'm scared of textual evidence of my evolution being online. Each blog I've kept up with has taken place in a different era of my life. I've gone back and read some of my entries from 2008 and it's clear I was an idiot. I didn't just sound like an idiot. I was an actual idiot (and still might be). I've been embarrassed of that past being online, but no more. Time to begin writing fearlessly. If Hayley can do it, so can I. (I may be unintentionally implying Hayley was an idiot in her old entries, but that's not what I mean at all. What I mean is Hayley is currently still an idiot. No, I don't mean that either. I love Hayley.)

I think those are all my reasons. I'm sorry I made you follow my writing Tumblr blog for the month that it was alive. I transferred all those posts here, and all future blog entries will only be here. Like I said, my main Tumblr is still going strong, as is my Twitter and Facebook.

I'm beginning to wilt so it's time for me to wrap this up. I apologize if this entry is more disorganized than usual. Did I mention a guy named Jim Bob administered one of my vaccinations today? I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.

You may now all start taking bets on how long this blog will last.