Thursday, July 11, 2013

Crazy Britney Is Back!

Let me start off by saying I hate The Smurfs. I never watched the TV show (it was a TV show, right? I don't even know) and I've never seen the movies, but I don't think I need to to know that some little, blue, talking potatoes are going to freak me out. I think I also saw a talking CGI cat in the previews. CGI animals that are meant to look like real animals always end up looking like too-smooth, too-fluid, alien-esque creatures with too many facial expressions. And so, when Britney Spears' new song for The Smurfs 2 soundtrack came out, I didn't even bother listening to it.

Director: "Okay, now cackle while Mommy gets electrocuted."

But now the official video for "Ooh La La" is out today and people have been talking about it on Twitter, so of course I had to check it out. I wasn't expecting much. While I've always been a Britney fan (Blackout is one of my top 3 albums ever), I don't really expect much from her music videos these days. She (arguably) doesn't seem like she has very much fun in her newer vids, compared to her earlier ones. Maybe it's just her intensity levels are down, but there's a distance in her eyes (particularly in her videos from Femme Fatale). I call this having "dead eyes." (You can compare her eyes in videos like "Stronger" and "Toxic" to her more recent ones. And maybe you disagree. That's fine.)

Her songs have still been awesome, but I just figured the Illuminati finally got to her (I'm joking, right?) or she's bored and rather be with her kids or she's just growing up or perhaps she's reminiscing about smashing cars with umbrellas (who wouldn't reminisce about that?). I'm not really one to talk about other people showing their emotions in their eyes, though. Someone recently wrote me an email several paragraphs long analyzing the shape and openness of my eyes in recent videos and how tired I look. (Thanks for that, btw. It wasn't weird at all.) So I'm sorry, Britney, if you ever find yourself in my awful corner of the Internet. You can disregard my crazy analysis of your eyes. I'll still buy all your albums.

YES to crazy eyes
My point is that Britney was back ON in the "Ooh La La" video, and I'm glad I watched it. Right off the bat, she gets electrocuted into a movie screen while her kids are cackling, and then proceeds to do some giddy jump-dancing and lip-syncing while excitedly looking at some CGI Smurfs in the palms of her hands. (I can't help but imagine her doing all these weird expressions at her empty hands before the Smurfs were put in later.)

There's nothing particularly special about the whole ordeal. The budget could've just been a few hundred dollars, with most of that going towards Brit's '80s-style crimped extensions (which I imagine were purchased on eBay) and the green screen (probably also from eBay). What's special here is that Britney looks really happy, and it's contagious. She's bouncing around that CGI stage with all the intensity and determination and confidence in her eyes that she had back in the day in the "I'm A Slave 4 U" music vid. No more dead eyes or forced looks. It's so enjoyable, I can almost look past those horrid little blue potatoes and how the rest of the video is really just an extended The Smurfs 2 trailer.

Crazy Britney is back. I'm looking forward to seeing her in a non-Smurfs-related music video, with perhaps a dance routine and maybe a bigger budget so she can upgrade to mid-'90s extensions.

[This is not a sponsored post. I really don't think Britney needs some crappy little blogger to help her get the word out about her new music video.]