Friday, July 12, 2013

Nothing But Time

The news about not being able to go to Korea sort of threw my mind and body into a shock, which I think I'm still settling down from. It was something I'd been working towards for nearly two months, preparing documents, doing interviews, and even being placed. The date was on my calender and, essentially, I thought I was set for work for the next year or more.

Now I guess I'm feeling sort of lost in that "what now?" zone. Should I continue the job hunt? Plod onward and upward? Look for places to move to again? Job hunting, unarguably, sucks massive balls. If it turns out hell is real, my personal purgatory is going to be one big, eternal job hunt (run by Joan Rivers). I don't think I can even think about that right now, though. There are still some medical things I'm gonna be figuring out, and I really couldn't accept a job until after VidCon anyway (because my flights are already scheduled out of Little Rock and the only thing that's a bigger pain the ass than job hunting is getting an airline to change your flights), so I've got nothing but time on my hands for the next three weeks.

If you know me, you know I can't not work on something. I tried to take a personal vacation once and ended up calling my best friend on the very first day freaking out. It's something I've accepted. I just can't relax.

I still don't feel ready to make a video yet. I thought I'd do one this week, but life happens and things popped up and I'm realizing--wait, let me check again to make sure--nope, the world isn't ending when I'm not uploading every single week. But just because I'm not churning out the videos doesn't mean the gears aren't turning, albeit creakily.

Firstly, the video ideas haven't stopped coming, so that's turned into a long list comparable to Santa's (and probably filled with a lot more naughty things. And by "naughty," I just mean weird). I think next week, when I've had a little more time, I'll start whipping through those.

I also mentioned I was in my friend's podcast a few entries back. (Did I ever post the link here? I seriously can't even keep track of what I'm posting. For the last four entries I've posted, I have six nearly completed drafts I never posted. I need to work on that. Anyway, here's the link where you can listen to that episode for free.) In that post, I wrote about how I've missed podcasting. Well, I've been taking this time to try and develop a new podcast, and I'm all but ready to make the leap and just do it. It's interesting because my friend, Terry (who is host of the podcast I guested on), told me my old podcast provided him with some of the inspiration to make his own. And now being on his podcast is making me take some bigger steps in creating a new one of my own. It's like inspiration inception. Inspirception. (Somehow I don't think that word will catch on.)

What else? I've been writing (and still flopping hopefully through the book process I mentioned a while back). I've been working on new songs and raps with my friend, Sam. ("Digital Dream" came out a few days ago, actually. Check out that stunning cover art.) I've been working on an update for the apps with my friend, Luke. And, of course, I will admit to piddling around a little bit, too. Animal Crossing is taking up some of my time (along with Luigi's Mansion and Super Mario 3D Land). I've been working on getting all my town's villagers to say rude things as their catchphrases (I'm having to work around the spellings because the game knows all the bad words and won't let me use 'em) and I finally got the QR reader so I could personalize my town's flag.

(Click 'em to see bigger. I promise this is not how I talk to people in real life. Most of the time. Also, I didn't change Moose's catchphrase. Strangely, that is his original.)

I'm also apparently farting away my life writing these boring update blog entries about my fartfully uneventful life. (Computer says "fartfully" isn't a word, but I think it describes my life pretty perfectly.) I had an interesting experience at a tanning salon I'd like to write about (maybe tomorrow), so you'll be seeing me here again soon, and probably in a video next week, and perhaps in a podcast soon, and at VidCon at the end of the month probably drunk on the dance floor. Sounds like way too much me, to tell ya the truth. Ugh, I'm already sick of me.

The villagers are sick of me, too, after this. Look familiar? "Joe asks you a question"? Eh? No? Hm.
If you want the QR code, I'll gladly give it to you so you can ruin your town, too.