Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pink For Me, Please

I finally got around to getting a 3DS. I was against them for a long time because this whole 3D phase the world is going through just seems so gimmicky and cheap. It also kinda hurts my eyes (the movies, especially) and makes me nauseous, but I don't like to admit to that much because it makes me realize I'm getting older. I knew I'd eventually have to get a 3DS, though, because the new Pokemon game in October is gonna be for 3DS only, and I also wanted the new Animal Crossing game.


Fishing with Sam in New Leaf
I opted for the pink 3DS XL because I think it's pretty and I need a big screen for my bad eyes. I turned the 3D levels all the way up when I first started playing and soon after had to have a ten-minute lie-down to rest my eyes. Then I sat on my porch in my rocking chair for the rest of the afternoon and yelled at kids to turn down their rap music as they sped through the neighborhood. That second part didn't happen, but I haven't turned up the 3D levels since, except in moderation to see a few game effects.

A shame you can't see
this in 3D
I'm addicted to the Swapnote app, which I've been using to send 3D photos of myself flipping off the camera to my friends. (You can't put a 3D camera on a device and not expect me to take 3D photos of myself flipping the bird.) I've been playing New Leaf quite a bit, and visited Sam's town. We did some fishing and scuba diving--you know, a typical afternoon. All in all, not a bad purchase. I needed something to take my mind off things.

Speaking of, I spent about four hours at the hospital a couple days ago getting all my tests done and talking with doctors. The diagnosis is ehhh. The prognosis, however, is pretty good (as far as I know right now).

The photo app can merge faces,
and this is me merged with my
Pocahontas PEZ dispenser
Out of habit, I accidentally opened Twitter on my phone yesterday and found myself reading some of the replies people have left since I signed off four days ago. They were (along with the comments y'all have been leaving here) overwhelming supportive and kind, so thank you. I know I can't stand it when people only dance around a subject and won't say what's really going on, so I'm glad people seem to be so understanding when I'm doing that same thing. So thank you. And I'm fine, honestly. I'll probably be back to Twitter by the end of the week (It's been a nice break, but my fingers have been antsy) and back to making videos full force next week, which is something I've had a lot of time to think about during this time off.

And just to prove to you I'm really okay and am maintaining my sense of humor, here's an unlisted video I recorded this morning with my 3DS. (Stunning video quality, lemme tell ya.)