Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ready-ish To Roll

VidCon is really creeping up, and I'm finding myself scrambling to get ready. I fly out to Arizona on Saturday where I'm hanging out with some of my internet bffs for a few days before road tripping up to LA and Anaheim for the convention. Luckily, I've taken care of all video obligations, so I can relax on the trip, but my mind is still feeling frazzled. This entry is probably going to reflect that disorganization going on in my brain right now.

I hope all the jewels don't fry the x-ray machine
I've been bedazzling my old MacBook for the past couple weeks and I'm realizing it's not gonna be finished before I have to travel with it. My MacBook has been a secondary computer for me for the past year or so, ever since I had my iMac and now my new PC laptop. However, this ol' thing still has a special place in my heart, and I use it whenever I have to travel or as a bedside computer for answering emails/tumblring. It's not in the best of condition--it has some Hello Kitty duct tape holding the battery on--which contributed to my decision to spruce it up with bedazzling.

So to make it presentable (It's sad this is my idea of "presentable"), I added some Hello Kitty stickers to it until I can finish up the bedazzling later. It's pretty safe to say all eyes will be on me when I go through airport security.

Got my backup Pokemon hats packed at least
Speaking of airports, packing is turning out to be a nightmare. I usually don't like to travel for longer than a week at a time, and for this trip I'll be gone nearly two. Plus, we're planning on attending the Chelsea Lately show (I'm a huge fan of her books, or at least the ones she wrote pre-fame) and there's a dress code which fails to coincide with nearly everything in my wardrobe. Andddd I want to make sure I have lots of options for VidCon because it's the one time a year I'm out in public and there are always a lot of photos taken. Last year, people sent me photos they took with me at the convention and--to be frank--I looked like I belonged in a morgue. Granted, I was also sort of sick and hungover most of the time, but I'm vowing to look better in photos this year. But, while I can spice up my outfits, sadly there's not much I can do about my face, so I'm sorry in advance.

I'm at least pleased I'll have some music to jam to on my flights and layovers. I generally steer very, very clear of writing/talking about music, and whenever the subject arises in conversation, I tend to clam up. People have such strong feelings about what music they think is good or bad, and I don't really think I have any right to say what people should or shouldn't listen to or what's good or bad. Music is a personal thing to me, and I like to keep it that way. But I'm breaking that silence just briefly enough to mention this.

Two of my favorite artists just happen to have new albums. Belinda's Catarsis and Namie Amuro's Feel both came out earlier this month. Belinda lays claim to my favorite song ever, "Bella TraiciĆ³n" (which is where the lyrics are from that are tattooed on my arm), but her new album may be my favorite one yet. It's got a lot of awesome dance songs, but my favorites are always the ballads where she really lets loose with her voice. I can usually only pick out words and phrases (she speaks Spanish btw), but--as cheesy as it sounds--her voice always seems so incredibly transparent and full of the emotions she's singing about that I don't really feel like I need to understand the words. My favorite track on the album is "Litost," which (from what I've read) is an untranslatable Czech word that incorporates "agony and torment created by the sudden sight of one’s own misery" (source). Deep stuff, man.

Don't let that weird deer antler hat ruin the song for you. And if you like the track, you can get it on iTunes for just over a buck. (That was an intentional deer pun.)

Namie Amuro's album is similar in feeling. It's got dance and it's got ballads, but what's interesting is Namie has chosen to sing mostly in English instead of her native Japanese (or Engrish, I should say, but major props to Namie for being brave enough to record nearly an entire album in anything other than her first language). Namie's one of the HBICs in J-Pop, so check her out if you haven't heard much about her. You can watch her video for "Hands On Me" below, although my favorite song on the album is "Rainbow" (insert gay joke here).

Oh, and a quick mention of M.I.A.'s new track, "Bring the Noize," which has me very excited for her upcoming album.

Well, this quickly turned into a music post when I never intended on that happening. I warned you my mind is a bit scattered. I'm going to attempt to upload a new video on my personal channel Saturday before I fly out, but you may not see me on the blog much until I get back. Of course, I'm sure I'll be drunkenly updating Twitter a lot (so you may want to unfollow now), and I'm sure I'll have a lot to write about regarding the trip when I return.