Saturday, August 24, 2013

Back to Business

When I don't write as much here, it usually means I'm busy--which I love being--so you can safely assume I'm doing much better. The fog inside my head is lifting and, while there are good days and not-so-good days, there haven't been any just plain bad ones lately. Here is a list of probably boring things (and one maybe more exciting thing) I've been up to lately, with some pictures included to maybe make it less boring (but probably not).

I went out shopping with my mom a few days ago. We went to Barnes and Noble and I finally picked up the last Sailor Moon manga of the re-release. Then we popped over to the mall and I ran into GameStop with my 3DS to download the Shiny Dialga they're pimping out right now via Mystery Gift.

It sorta looks like a Shiny Staryu is on its chest,
which makes me love it even more

I baked a cake--yellow cake with chocolate fudge frosting to be exact--using a boxed mix, of course. If you follow my Twitter you know I regularly burn even those toaster waffles, so the less there is to do, the better things end up. I've been craving cake like crazy the past week, but I ate too much and now I think I'm off it for a while. At least until tomorrow.



After browsing tons of shoe websites late one night with my friends on Skype, I ended up ordering some new shoes, which I really don't need. I tweeted the other day about how I own way too many shoes for someone who, as a hermit, only leaves the house about once a month, but I couldn't resist. I've been looking for a pair of creeper shoes for a while, and these gold ones just spoke to me.

There was too much extra space underneath them, so I added glitter, of course

Last night I went out to the club. The club in my Animal Crossing game, that is, and my friends, Cassie and Derek, popped on over to my town to come with. Luckily, DJ KK was spinning some awesome jams for us to dance to.


I uploaded a YouTube video today on my personal channel for the first time in about four weeks I believe. It's about, obviously, my Animal Crossing crushes. But we can't pretend I'm just now losing touch with reality when my past videos will reveal that happened a long time ago. I guess we'll never really know how much all these meds have affected my brain because I've obviously already been crazy for years.

Oh, and I also got asked to host a radio show here in Arkansas. I should probably mention this. I met with a couple of great guys about it this week (Mom had to drive me to the meeting because I wasn't feeling well, so I'm sure I looked really professional and cool) and, well, it's happening. It's not something I ever anticipated doing, but I've gotten really excited about it (only after getting really nervous about it), especially because I get to have a lot of control over what goes on (and I'm a control freak) and my head has already been spinning with ideas. It streams online, too, so even you out-of-state folks should be able to listen and call in for segments, and I believe there's gonna be a podcast of it you can download if you miss the episodes. So now I get to be a train wreck on another medium! This whole bit deserves its own blog entry at a later date with more details, but I figured I should mention it because it starts pretty soon. What a weird world.

Oh PS, I added an edit to the end of the last entry thanking y'all for all the kindness. It's pretty mushy and shit, but I guess you can read it if you're into that kind of thing.