Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Big Gay Radio Show

I guess I'll be hosting my own radio show in less than two weeks(??!!). It's all happened so fast that I still don't really know what to say. I'll start from the beginning.

Recording the promo for the show just
yesterday. Already a train wreck.
I got a message not too long ago from someone at KABF 88.3, a community-supported radio station out of Little Rock, Arkansas. They wanted to know if I would consider hosting a new show they were cooking up titled "The Big Gay Radio Show." I would be lying if I said I didn't laugh out loud and roll my eyes right after reading the message. Not because of the name or premise or anything, but because, um, I'm pretty sure I'd be a fucking train wreck on the radio. You'll have noticed I'm already sort of a train wreck in my weekly videos.

Well, I met with the guys down at KABF and we talked more about it and guess what. This fucking train wreck is coming to the fucking radio. (I'm trying to curse about it now all I can because I was told I would have to tone down my language a bit on live radio, so I'm sorry.) The guys had some ideas for it, but ultimately I was told I could take control and do whatever I want, which I fully intend on doing. I imagine once I've hosted for a week or two and get into the groove of things I'll feel much more comfortable implementing new ideas and using my own segments, but at the moment I'm glad they already have a few things lined up to get it started.

Right now, the show's basically gonna consist of music (which I get to choose), interviews, and me talking about whatever the hell I wanna talk about. I'm planning on taking calls and requests and reading tweets and just having a good time.

But my ultimate goal is to make the show for every single human, regardless of orientation, although I've definitely come to understand the significance behind the show's name. There's nothing like this going on in the state, and I think that was a major aspect that drew me in. (Plus, it's community-supported which is a big draw for me as well, as a public radio and PBS advocate.) I live in a place where "gay" is still a powerful word in many areas, and not necessarily the good kind of powerful. I just hope that humans from all walks will listen to the show and perhaps be entertained by me, another human, and the word "gay" (along with all other sexuality-based terms) will slowly start to mean something different to them other than "bad" or "shameful." I know that if there had been a "Big Gay Radio Show" while I was growing up in Arkansas, I would've felt a lot more comfortable with myself.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm sort of terrified and overwhelmed by this whole thing at the moment. I recorded a few versions of the promo yesterday and went in to the station today to be interviewed on another show to start getting the word out there. (I was so nervous I actually brought a barf bag with me. I'm happy to say, though, it wasn't used.) And then there's the whole live aspect that sort of makes me want to roll in front of a bus. Videos and podcasts can always be edited before uploaded (and thank goodness for that). But this is live. And if you've ever seen one of my old BlogTV shows, you know I tend to stick my foot in my mouth quite often. But, hey, maybe that'll make you wanna listen even more. (Don't pretend you've never laughed when watching someone trip.)

On to the details. It's gonna be a weekly show, starting Friday, September 6 and will go from noon-2pm (US Central Time) on KABF 88.3 FM. (Here's a link to a time zone converter if you need one.) There should also be a podcast of each episode you can download soon after it's aired. Oh, and if you don't live in Arkansas, you can listen live on the KABF website: http://www.kabf.org/. (I was told the live feed currently has an annoying "hum" occurring in the background, but I think they're trying to get that sorted out.) There's also a Facebook page for the show that I'm sure will be reminding folks as well.

Edit 09/29/2013: You can now find podcasts of the episodes at the KABF web site: http://www.kabf.org/?page_id=1381

It would mean a lot to me if some of y'all who are regulars here and on my videos were listening live. You guys have always been my home fries and my core, and it'd be comforting knowing some of you were listening. Oh, also, feel free to call in and tweet at me during any of the segments even if you're listening out-of-state (or out-of-country) because I will be manning the phone and having my eyes glued to my Twitter feed (which I do anyway).

And if you'd like one more train wreck-y thing regarding myself to relish, below is the flyer for the show that is being distributed, well, just about everywhere. Yup.

Edit 08/30/2013: I just posted a video on my channel giving you five good reasons to tune in. I tried to make it funny. Big emphasis on "tried." See below: