Saturday, September 7, 2013

Two Things

Thing One: I've started uploading a new video every Saturday. I know it used to be every Friday, but it changed somewhere along the way and Saturdays just seem to gel better, ya feel? Here is today's:

Thing Two: Thank you to everyone who listened to my radio hosting debut! I apparently ended up saying "penis" several times but didn't get fired (yay!). If you couldn't tune in live, you can listen to the full episode for free on SoundCloud. For your convenience, I've also embedded it below. (EDIT: New episodes are gonna be up on the KABF web site so they can add the music in as well. Click here to download all future episodes!)

Those are all the things! I'm going to St. Louis tomorrow to visit my sister, so I'm sure you'll get some exciting updates from the both of us soon.