Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Beginning

I want to start this entry by saying a huge thanks to everyone who sent me an email after my last entry. The messages were overwhelmingly positive and very, very kind. (I'm just gonna assume the one or two that were mean were from people having bad days.) I'm also sorry if I haven't replied to you. It's definitely not because I didn't read your email or don't care. Whenever I reply to an email, I try to take my time and write out something lengthier and more meaningful than just "thank you!" Unfortunately, I haven't had time the past few weeks to do that, but know all the emails were deeply touching and special to me.

2014 has been busy. I've grown to despise the email "ping!" my phone makes (which is connected to a different business account than the address all your messages go to, so it's not because of your emails). Everything just sort of came crashing down after the holiday lull, but I think it's finally leveling out.

There have been some exciting things, too! I had a job interview that (I think/hope) went well for a position I really want and feel qualified for. And, after a lot of work, me, Hayley, and Kristina kicked off season three of Answerly with a new book club project. I think that was a change we all needed to keep both ourselves and the channel fresh. Oh, and I'll be turning 26 in a couple days, which is weird because I still feel like I'm 16 (and hopefully look like I'm 16, too, right? Ehhh?).

Also, I'm in the January issue of Kirameki, which is a fashion/lifestyle magazine. I haven't seen the full issue, but the editorial previews on their Facebook are really gorgeous. (Oh, I should mention the pages I'm on are not editorial--just an interview with a few photos. Full page photos of me would probably break the printing press.) The lovely Miss Voltage interviewed me about my videos, Lara Croft, and some slightly deeper online subjects as well, and did a great two-page write-up of it all. I'm not supposed to post the whole thing, but I'll give you guys a little snippet of the end of the article, and you can purchase the full issue online if you wish.
If you don't think I'm cool after hearing that I collect Staryu pogs, then I don't think anything will convince you. I've been meaning to write some more fun and upbeat entries here for a while, so maybe I can get to that this week.