Thursday, March 6, 2014

Smelly Cat

I'm planning to talk about this bag in an upcoming eBay haul video where I showcase more of my poorly thought-out online purchases, but I wanted to write about it here, too. Because a bag like this obviously commands a lot of screen time.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Thirst (2009) - South Korean Movie Review

I watch a lot of East Asian movies, particularly ones from Japan and South Korea. In fact, I've probably seen more East Asian movies in the past year than American movies in the past ten years. I'm not terribly picky with genres, either--comedy, romance, drama--but I especially love horror. There's a reason Americans attempt to remake a lot of Asian horror films, and it's because they're great (even though the American remakes are usually garbage). The directors over there just know how to keep the genre fresh and make things creepy without being unnecessarily gory. Plus, they've got a great culture and history to work with when needed.

So I figured I'd start reviewing some East Asian films on my blog, because heavens knows this place is practically a graveyard lately. First up is the 2009 South Korean horror film, Thirst.