Friday, May 16, 2014

I Got On Some Buses

Today was a day for figuring out buses. I studied the routes probably more than I ever studied for tests in school. Science and math tests at least (as was obvious from my GRE math score).

I walked (hiked) to the bus stop about a block from my house and waited. It's a smaller street and there was a big moving van parked right where the bus was supposed to stop, so I was afraid the bus driver wouldn't see me. Well, he did see me, but he just kept driving. Like, we made eye contact and he just drove away, even though it was clear I was waiting for him. He even honked as he was looking at me, which was like a big, loud middle finger.

Photo unrelated to the story. Just thought it was a pretty view.
But, of course, being a planner means I had a backup plan (two, actually). I walked a few more blocks to a bigger intersection and had no problem getting on that bus or transferring to my second bus. A nice man even offered me some "organic edibles." Or, rather, he whispered to me as he briskly walked past. And he was wearing a hood and dark sunglasses. But it's the thought that counts. Another lady seemed to be singing loudly at the street corner. She was hitting some pretty high notes. Although the song had a lot of cussing and she might have actually been yelling at another guy. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder (or listener), or some crap like that.

Some observations about the buses: The LED signs that tell you what stops are coming up were confusing and slow and I swear they weren't always correct. To make sure I got off at the right place, I had to follow where I was on Google Maps on my phone. Also, the bus had an interesting smell that took me back to my days riding the subway in Philly. It's a smell that I can only describe as sweat mixed with maybe a little urine mixed with how I imagine Pete Doherty smells. There was also maybe a hint of dead skunk mixed in, but I don't know how that got in there. The dead skunk addition made me a little sad--not because it smelled bad, but because it reminded me of Arkansas. I'm also not used to having to pull that little cord that notifies the driver you want off because the subway just stops everywhere regardless.

At least I have a cute holder for my Clipper card. It came free with one of my cute/cheap Chinese eBay purchases. It even has a cutesy phrase on the back in not-super-great English that says, "To put the other's comforts before me. Because just that is a beginning of love." So kawaii.

Just call me "Cookys girl."
Although I'll also answer to "Super Gay Kid."
After filling out some final forms at the place I'll be working and meeting the people and getting the office tour, I rode the buses back to my residence. I heard someone mention in passing there's a heat wave happening here right now, which surprised me because I thought the weather was pretty awesome. I even wore a hoodie today.

This afternoon, I talked to my BFF on the phone, and then my dad called from St. Louis where he and my mom are right now to visit my sister. I was supposed to go with them before I got this job. Everything was fine until they were all saying "goodbye" and "I love you" and then the homesickness returned.

I wish I had some shows to watch to help take my mind off that feeling, but The Mindy Project and Archer have both concluded their seasons, and I'm all caught up with Bob's Burgers (but even it has its finale this coming Monday). I guess that means it's time to find a new show to binge-watch. Maybe Dating Agency: Cyrano. It's been a bit since I've watched a k-drama and I could use more Sooyoung in my life.