Friday, June 20, 2014

The Package Said It Was A Good Idea

Now that I've lived in this new place for a full work week, there's no doubt about it: the commute from here to work sucks balls. It's been taking about an hour and 15 minutes on a good day, and sometimes 15 or 20 minutes more than that if something goes wrong. The buses seem to run more often in this part of town, though, so that's good. Also, I think I previously mentioned I now transfer buses in Japantown, which is the best thing in the world. Except actually it might be the worst thing that's ever happened to me because I've gone shopping there so many times this week that if I don't stop soon, I'm gonna become the most kawaii homeless person you've ever seen.

I made an album on my Flickr with photos of some of my purchases from this week (click to see), but here's also a list. Most things were purchased at Daiso because it's the cheapest:
It even says "GOOD IDEA" right there
on the package! I had to get it.
  • 2 packages of jelly-filled Hello Kitty marshmallows. I got strawberry the first time and they were amazing so obviously I had to get pineapple as well. Also amazing.
  • A pink and flowery card and money holder that says "Sweet Flower Message" on it.
  • A charcoal peel-off face mask. I used to have to order this stuff on eBay so you can't blame me for getting overexcited now that I can buy it in an actual store. (Also, the sticker on the tube looks very disturbingly like somebody doing blackface.)
  • An "illuminated ear pick." Used for scraping wax out of your ears and it lights up bright green so you can see inside. I bought it because A~chan (from Perfume) talked about being obsessed with illuminated ear picks on a show once, and celebrity endorsements obviously work well on me. Because why the fuck else would I buy an ear pick.
  • Long lash mascara. Pretty damn good for dollar store mascara, actually. I mostly just thought the package was cute.
  • A pair of white chopsticks with little strawberries all over them in a case that says "Strawberry Candy." I don't even use chopsticks.
  • 6 sheet masks (3 collagen and 3 coenzyme Q10). I may be broke soon, but I can still be beautiful (subjectively, at least).
  • More of that Marukawa gum from my Japantown haul video. It's great for blowing bubbles and I like that because blowing bubbles makes me feel sassy and carefree.
  • A yellow plaid pencil pouch with a pink bunny on it that says things like "Sugar!" and "I like Whipped Cream" and "Sweenimal Friends." WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?
  • 2 headphone cord wrap thingies that are shaped like donuts. The photo on Flickr doesn't do them justice. They're adorable and a lifesaver when dealing with tangled-up headphone cords. I've had a cord wrap for a long time that's shaped like a fish, but these are much cuter.
  • Shamefully large quantities of maple wheat rolls. But they're so soft and sweet and a boy's gotta eat.
  • Some microwavable ramen bowls, which are nothing special because you can get them in other supermarkets, but I'm putting them on this list anyway because buying them in Japantown makes them feel somehow more authentic.
    Little donuts to keep your
    headphones in check.
  • Chocolate Sando Biscuits, which are individually wrapped biscuits with chocolate inside and make me feel fancy at work.
  • A pair of "acupuncture sandals" that I'm using as house shoes. They have little bumps on the soles that massage your feet when you walk. It's actually kinda painful but they're cute.
  • A strawberry drink.
  • A reusable tote bag. The cashier asked if I wanted to pay for a regular bag or spend a little extra for a reusable bag. I asked her what the reusable bags looked like and she pointed to this glorious huge pink tote bag with blue polka dots and purple handles and I had this vision of how amazing I'd look walking down the street with that so I was like "FUCK YES."
  • Some things I didn't purchase but still took photos of: Hello Kitty mouthwash. I just couldn't justify it at the time. (Even though I could somehow justify an illuminated ear pick.) And more Kyary Pamyu Pamyu merchandise that was sadly overpriced.
A photo from my Instagram of some of the things.
To be honest, all of those purchases weren't really that expensive since I was mainly shopping at the dollar-fifty store. But it's eventually gonna start adding up if I keep at this pace. I'm just thinking that if I leave here, I'll probably never be near a Japantown again and all these amazing things, so I want to spend as much time there as possible. But maybe I should take this next week off, at least.

Stray bits: I purchased a ticket to a screening of The Garden of Words at the Japanese Film Festival next week. My BFF should be visiting me next month and we're taking a day trip to Monterey Bay. I updated the "About Me" page on this site. The old "About Me" page was too long and formal. In this week's podcast episode, me and Sam previewed a new song we just finished called "Midnight Moonlight." And you can also now subscribe via email to my blog (which will send you updates if there are new posts. You won't get any other spam-type stuff). This was actually previously available, but I worked out some kinks in the system.