Sunday, July 6, 2014

Review: Obviously Underwear from

This entry contains a non-paid review of a product. This means I wasn't paid for reviewing it, but I was sent the product for free after agreeing to write an honest review. You can read more about these types of things on my Disclaimer page.

A couple weeks ago, I was asked if I'd review some underwear from Obviously's Urban Collection at And I said, "OBVIOUSLY!" Not really, though. The first thing I did was laugh, and then I made sure I didn't have to post photos of me actually wearing the underwear, and then I said sure. (Nobody needs to see that.)

I initially agreed because I've never owned a pair of fancy underwear in my life. All my undies come in packs of three or six that cost about ten bucks. This is mainly because I'm freakishly thin and still have to buy underwear from the kids section, and fancy/sexy underwear for kids doesn't exist, because that would obviously be super-fucking-creepy. But this underwear is for adults. And so it can be fancy/sexy and I wanted it.

I guess fancy people keep their underwear
in resealable pouches.
Since I'm still moving between temporary locations, I had the underwear sent to my work. I'm glad nobody opened the package because it would've been awkward and it's still early enough in my job for me to get a nickname like "That Guy Who Has Underwear Shipped To Work."

The fancy underwear arrived quite quickly in an equally fancy resealable black bag. (I didn't question it. I just assumed fancy people store their underwear differently.) Obviously's Urban Collection underwear also comes in different fits (briefs, trunks, and longer boxer briefs) and three different pouch sizes (based on how you like your underwear to cup your bits), but I requested just the classic trunks. This being my first venture into the realm of fancy underwear, I didn't want to go super crazy. Baby steps.

The first thing I noticed was how soft these undies are. The package says they're 90% bamboo rayon and 10% Lycra. I took a textiles class in fashion school and I've never even heard of bamboo rayon. I can only assume it's made using voodoo or witchcraft of some sort because it kinda feels like a cloud wrapped around your junk. Very comfortable. The package says this blend is antibacterial, anti-fungal, and hypoallergenic. I don't know who the people are who let bacteria and fungus grow on their underwear in the first place but, hey, now you don't have to worry about that.

Now your pelvis can look just like a Porsche.
The undies look pretty cool, too. I appreciate that they say "OBVIOUSLY" in big letters across the waistband. I think this would come in handy if someone were like, "Hey! Your underwear is showing!" and you could just point to the waistband and be like, "OBVIOUSLY." They also have these nifty racing stripes down the sides that really make your pelvis feel like it's actually a Porsche. Very sexy. I do wish they came in pink, too, but I understand the main demographic probably wouldn't go for that.

The only downside for me is that they fit too loosely, compared to how I usually like my underwear to fit. I got the smallest size, which is (surprise, surprise) a size "small" and is recommended for waist sizes 30-32". At 95-100 lbs., my waist is more like 24" and my ass is nonexistent (which I why I have to buy my underwear in the kids section). Surprisingly, though, the waistband still fit fine and didn't sag. I assume this is because they're meant to stretch to your size. (As a bonus for the people who they do fit properly, the package claims they don't shrink, fade or lose shape.) But the leg parts were definitely baggy on my thighs. However, I don't think others would have this problem. Like I said, I'm just too thin. And honestly, I'd still wear these because they're so soft and, let's be real, nobody is going to be seeing me in my underwear so it doesn't matter if the legs are baggy. I can just pretend they're supposed to be boxers instead of boxer briefs.

Sorry you don't get to see them on me. Just imagine Gollum wearing these and you'll get the picture. Or, to get that image out of your head, you can see the models on the Obviously page at wearing them. And thanks to them for my first pair of fancy undies!