Saturday, July 12, 2014

Since I last blogged

(The title of this entry is meant to be sung loudly and out loud to the tune of Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone.")

One of my besties, Greg, was in town and I got to spend an evening with him in Japantown. We went to Pika Pika, a purikura place (Japanese photo booths) and took some glamour shots.
Click to see in better quality. Hopefully I can scan these when
I get back to Arkansas.

Inside the decorating booth after taking our photos and at the Peace Plaza:

Greg went into the arcade with me. I've never been inside because I'd feel awkward going in alone. And we came across this glorious Domo machine:
Like that machine in Toy Story except better.

After work one day, I decided at the last minute to get on a bus I never take and ended up meeting a girl on it that said she'd been a fan of 5awesomegays. (Cue nostalgia.) We talked during the whole bus ride and it turns out she works in the same part of town as me. Hopefully we can hang out sometime.

A homeless man said I was a "very beautiful lady." (No photo taken of homeless man, sorry. That probably would've been inappropriate.)

And I got a new phone case that I'm excited about because it has a key ring for my charms collection, which I haven't been able to have on my phone lately because they normally dangle from the audio jack and I use my headphones all the time here. So now I can have the best of both worlds. Hopefully that explanation made sense:

Tomorrow, I'm going to the Japan Day festival. And in a few days my BFF, Elizabeth, is flying in from Arkansas to spend some time with me and we're taking a trip down to Monterey Bay.

So now we're all caught up. ヽ(o・_・)ノ