Monday, August 25, 2014

Prisoners must be really productive

I've been trapped in the house the past few days. Not in a my-parents-locked-me-in-the-basement sort of way (mainly because we don't have a basement), but in a it's-104-degrees-and-my-car-air-conditioner-doesn't-work-and-I-don't-want-to-arrive-somewhere-already-drenched-in-sweat type of way. However, like a celebrity in prison who suddenly finds spirituality, some good things have come from this compulsory isolation. Such as...

I covered my Chromebook in Hello Kitty stickers, which I've been meaning to do for ages but didn't have time to do:

Subtle. Understated. But so fetch.

(I also ordered a transparent pink shell/case for it to protect the stickers, so expect more pics when that arrives.)

I replayed Alice: Madness Returns in its entirety. This is important because the quote in the "About" section on my YouTube channel is something the Cheshire Cat says in this game. So obviously I love this game.

I screencapped the quote on my YouTube channel because I forgot
to screencap the part in the actual game. Sorry.

I tried on a bunch of clothes that I didn't have access to for the months I was in San Francisco, popped in a pair of my favorite circle lenses, found some places around the house with decent lighting, and took a bunch of selfies. Here are a couple I posted on Instagram:

I look absolutely nothing like either of these in real life and there are plenty
of people who can attest to that. But there's a great illusion going on in that
second pic that makes it look like I have an ass, so I had to post it.

But then I still had some time on my hands so I made just a few minor superficial edits to one of the outtakes:

This is probably closer to how I actually look in real life.

Now that I have a permanent address again, I've picked back up my old habit of buying unnecessary things on eBay late at night. So far, I've received some new exfoliating face thingies (that totally look like nipples) from Hong Kong, a purple windscreen for my microphone, and a gold Staryu pin from Japan to add to my Staryu collection:

I'm only posting the nipple-face exfoliating thingies here because you don't
really need to see my purple microphone, and my Staryu collection
deserves its own full entry.

I've also watched a South Korean horror movie every night for the past five nights, including Cello, Midnight FM, Hide and Seek, Cinderella, and The Red Shoes.

This is an older pic from my Instagram, but it pretty much shows how I look
when I watch movies. And it's just such a good pic, I couldn't
pass up an opportunity to use it again.

And then I watched this video about a dozen times, because Sooyoung:

Other things I've done that aren't pictured include: removed a cobweb that had been in the corner of my room for at least a year, creepily watched the neighbors having a BBQ from the window, and accidentally burned part of my face with some acid (some facial acid, which makes it better, I guess).

Unfortunately, the weather folks are saying tomorrow might be our last super-hot day, so my streak of productivity might be coming to an end. I guess I should make the most of it and watch that video a few dozen times more.