Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fever dreams & kawaii things

(The title of this entry is supposed to be like the title of Uffie's first album, Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans. But then it occurred to me that it's not even a good reference and the album wasn't that popular, so maybe people wouldn't catch it. And it also occurred to me that I weave way too many awful puns into my titles and I always end up explaining them so maybe I should just write normal titles. But that probably won't happen.)

It's the first week of me doing daily videos. And I've been sick almost all week. Luckily, I'd filmed the Monday-Wednesday videos in advance, so those still went up. I tried my hardest to film Thursday's video last night, but I felt way too bad, so I'm gonna have to take Thursday and Friday off and start fresh on Monday.

I feel extra sucky because, like I said, this my first week doing daily videos, and I'm already having to take some time off, but I also don't want to upload anything that I'm not 100% happy with. The reason my new video intro has my signature on it is because I only put my name on things I'm fully satisfied with, and I wanted to make sure my videos always met that standard. If I tried to make a video right now, feeling as bad as I do, I don't think it should have my signature on it. Plus, nobody needs to see me looking like a herd of elephants just trampled over me. Or, rather, I don't want anyone seeing me like this.

I slept on and off most of the day yesterday and kept having this recurring fever dream about finding lots of kittens underneath my bed. Usually, I'd think finding kittens is great, but then I started finding entire families under my bed, too. Like, human families. Mothers and fathers and their kids and a few grandparent-y people, too. All under my bed with lots of kittens. It was disconcerting. So I googled what all this could mean and found some dream dictionaries.

Apparently, dreaming about kittens can mean a lot of different things, from being afraid of not being perfect to caring too much. I can deal with that. Also, the Internet tells me pregnant women dream about kittens a lot. I'm assuming I'm not pregnant, though. It usually takes two people to accomplish something like that and, as many people as there are under my bed in my dreams, there's definitely nobody on top of it with me in real life. Also, I don't have a uterus.

I couldn't, however, find anything in the dream dictionaries about entire families of people living underneath your bed. I'm gonna assume the dream dictionaries simply weren't detailed enough, and not that it's just so weird that nobody else has ever dreamed it.

Today, I'm feeling a bit better, but am still way too self-conscious to be in front of a camera. I did, however, manage to drag my ass to the post office and mail all the kawaii orders from my pop-up shop. (Don't worry, though. They aren't germ-y and I promise I'm not contagious. The sickness I'm having is just a recurring stomach problem I occasionally have that puts me out of commission for a few days.)

I was afraid the mean postal lady was gonna be there and that she was gonna be pissed when I came waltzing in with 22 packages to ship, but it turned out to be a new lady who was freakin' awesome. I guess she noticed my Pokemon cap and the Hello Kitty stickers I'd put on a lot of the packages, and we started talking about anime and kawaii things. It turned out she's a cosplayer, and she told me about several anime/comic-type conventions that happen in Arkansas, which I didn't even know existed. I never expect to run into people here with interests similar to mine--Arkansas can feel a little isolating at times--so it was nice to find a kindred spirit.

Also, the receipt from mailing all those packages was nearly 4 feet long. I measured it when I got home. And now I'm telling you about it to maybe justify measuring it. I don't think it's working.

I took a picture of the end of the receipt while I was measuring it.
Why? I don't know. I guess my life is just that interesting.

Anyway, I'm sorry again that there won't be videos today or tomorrow. I'll be back and hopefully refreshed on Monday.