Friday, October 10, 2014

Review: JOR Underwear from

This entry contains a non-paid review of a product. This means I wasn't paid for reviewing it, but I was sent the product for free after agreeing to write an honest review. You can read more about these types of things on my Disclaimer page.

I'm still a bit under the weather today, so I thought I'd finally write up a review of some undies I got a while back. I meant to post this ages ago, but it was during the time I was moving from San Francisco and it slipped my mind. But that's all for my brief excuse. (Did you catch that underwear pun? I'm more proud of it than I probably should be.)

Anyway, a couple months ago I reviewed some underwear I'd been sent from If you'll recall, it was my first pair of fancy underwear and I was quite pleased, aside from the color (which wasn't quite gay enough for me), and also my legs were a little too scrawny to fill out the leg holes. (Google keeps trying to autocorrect "leg holes" to "Legolas" which is making me imagine Legolas in that underwear, which is just fine with me.)

Please tell me people walk around
in these in Brazil
This time around, I was asked if I'd like to pick out a pair of underwear I thought suited me better. So I browsed around the site and chose the most colorful pair that claimed to have the smallest waist size. And those were the JOR Carioca Boxers. (Once again, you won't see pics of me in them in this review, but the model looks better anyway, so you're better off checking that out.)

The first thing I noticed when they arrived was the pattern, which is clearly amazing. I have to assume this underwear was designed by a fellow homosexual with great taste. This is the kind of underwear you'd wear while marching in a pride parade. Or when you're out walking around in Brazil in just your undies (which I like to imagine happens often in Brazil, especially in the case of Brazilian models). Or, you know, just underneath your daily clothes to make you feel special, which is how I'll be wearing them.

In my previous underwear review I'd specifically picked out a pair that didn't have a noticeable pouch because I was afraid of getting too wild during my first foray into the world of fancy underwear. This time, however, I decided to give the pouch a go. I was worried it was going to be too bulgy and weird, but it actually turned out to be my favorite thing about these. The pouch is, like, freakishly comfortable. I won't go into intimate details, so I'll try a metaphor. You know how text can be aligned differently in word processing programs? Well, if your junk was the text, the pouch would be a nice, firm center alignment. I'm not sure that really makes sense. Maybe some guys will understand. But it's a good thing. A very good thing.

Fancy underwear packaging
always impresses me
I requested a size small, which the site says fits waist sizes of 26"-28", but it fits my 24" waist just fine and is comfortably stretchy. However, just like the previous pair I reviewed, the legs flare out just a tiny bit and don't completely conform to my body like on the model, but it isn't as bad as the last pair and is probably only noticeable to me. Again though, I think this has more to do with me being just way too skinny than it does with the underwear being too big. Unless you also weigh 95 lbs. like me and look like the next strong breeze is gonna take you away, you'll probably be fine. Also, since I've had this pair for a month or so and have washed them a few times, I can also attest to them holding their shape, even though I tend to fry my clothes in the dryer. So that's always a plus.

Overall, this is probably my favorite pair yet, simply because of the pouch. I'm actually kinda pissed nobody ever told me how comfortable pouched underwear is. Oh, also the color is fab, of course, and I should mention they have a few other designs on the site, too, you know, if you don't want to be quite as flashy as me (although I don't know why you wouldn't). So thanks again to MensUnderwearStore for another great pair of undies. Now go look at the model on the JOR page because he's hot. I kinda wish they'd send me one of the models to review, but I guess that would be weird or inappropriate or whatever.