Sunday, May 10, 2015

I have gnome idea what to title this

I've had a busy past few days fulls of lots of walking and wandering around a few of the more centrally located neighborhoods in Seattle. Things I've done:

  • Explored Chinatown. (I was told I'd seem like a normie if I called it the "International District.") I appreciated the selection at the Daiso there over the one downtown, and I picked up some sheet masks, a wallet, and a loofah. Uwajimaya had some yummy tofu and a huge Hello Kitty selection, but I was most impressed with their skincare stuff. They carry practically the entire Hada Labo line!
  • Worked my way up to Waterfall Garden Park and had a snack.
  • Moseyed into the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park (because it was free, but I did donate a dollar! *pats self on back*). Learned about pioneers. Learned that I'd be worth $1,632,721.14 if I were made of solid gold (based on today's standards).
  • Wandered up Pioneer Square and poked around some shops. I especially enjoyed looking around Magic Mouse Toys.
  • Took the bus to Madrona Park for lunch. Stared at Mount Rainier for a while and then at some ducks.
  • Went to a club called R Place with some viewers (who I now considered friends) and some of their friends.
  • Walked around pretty much the entire Capitol Hill neighborhood.
  • Bought so many sheet masks I don't know what to do with myself. Maybe I'll review some of them soon.
  • Walked and walked and walked and walked everywhere. I'm gonna get my San Francisco ass back from all this walking.
  • And, finally, I accidentally deleted all the photos I've taken. Wow. There weren't but about a dozen anyway, because I've still been taking mostly video. And luckily I've already edited together a Seattle video that will be posted on my YT channel tomorrow.
The weather has been beyond gorgeous. It hasn't rained since the day I got here, and I've been able to wear anything I've wanted very comfortably. I've also found the city incredibly easy to navigate, both by bus and walking. The people here also seem very nice. At least a dozen viewers have stopped me on the street or in shops to say hello, which just doesn't happen in Arkansas. And a man helped me transfer buses to the underground when I didn't understand. I feel like a stranger, but also not like a stranger at all, if that makes sense.

I still need to go to the EMP Museum and take a photo with the Alien, ride a ferry (not a fairy, although that would make a great pun), and there's also a ghost tour I'd like to go on, as well as a few creepy little oddity shops to explore. Oh and the Japanese Garden. And that troll under the bridge. And everything else.

This coming week, Sam is going to be in town, I have plans to see a few more people, I'm finally gonna head up to UW, and I believe I'll be seeing a Harry Potter-themed roller derby bout.

Here's the one photo that didn't get deleted because I texted it to my family/friends:

From Madrona Park.

Oh, and this picture, which I took with my phone:

In Daiso. I have gnome idea why I took this. (Eh? Ehhh?)

As usual, there are a few more pics on my Instagram. Specifically, one of a cow mural and one of some buildings while I was eating pizza (after buying sheet masks, of course).