Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Missing uke

I've been too tired and busy running around to write much, so here's an audio post that will hurt your ears in ways my written words never could.

This is a ukulele cover of Hilary Duff's "Come Clean" I found on my computer tonight. I guess I recorded it a few months ago when I was in Arkansas and saved it for some reason. No warm-up or looking at the song much beforehand. Just grabbed my out-of-tune practice ukulele off the wall, turned on the mic, and added a few harmonies into the final chorus. I figured it was an appropriate song to upload now since Seattle is supposed to get a lot of rain (although I'm told that's a myth). The tone also matches the mood I've been in today.

I miss my ukulele so much. It just didn't fit in with the rest of my luggage. For years I've wanted to make a ukulele mini-album covering some of my old songs and also playing some new ones. Obviously it would be a lot more polished than this, but who knows if that will happen.