About Me

My name is Joe, and I like cats, big sweaters, and horror movies.

I'm an Arkansan now living in Chicago, but I've been lucky enough to have lived or worked in several places around the USA, including NYC, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Seattle. Since 2007, I've posted videos on my YouTube channel, which has 100,000+ subscribers and over 12 million views. I also co-host a weekly podcast with my friend, Sam, and post daily videos on my gaming channel. In the past, I've hosted two different weekly web shows, another podcast, worked on a couple different comics, released some music, and had about a dozen other blogs (one of which was dedicated solely to cardigans). I also have degrees in Creative Writing and Visual Merchandising. And I would probably trade it all in a heartbeat if I could lie in bed and eat Cheez-Its all day.