Saturday, May 23, 2015

"A picture is worth a thousand words..."

At least I hope so, because I'm too tired to write more than this. (Click to enlarge.)

Chihuly Garden and Glass

Sorry, men. Science has figured out how to grow penises
so you aren't needed anymore.

Space Needle observation deck

Snoqualmie Falls (and apparently the hotel from Twin Peaks?)

*This photo by Nathan, and featuring Tyler and Kyle

Harbor tour

with Sam

Sigourney Weaver's goodies from Alien

Seattle Central Library

Fremont Troll

Aurora Bridge

My nights

From my Instagram. The top is Naomi Watts in The Ring.
The bottom is a bottom.


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Missing uke

I've been too tired and busy running around to write much, so here's an audio post that will hurt your ears in ways my written words never could.

This is a ukulele cover of Hilary Duff's "Come Clean" I found on my computer tonight. I guess I recorded it a few months ago when I was in Arkansas and saved it for some reason. No warm-up or looking at the song much beforehand. Just grabbed my out-of-tune practice ukulele off the wall, turned on the mic, and added a few harmonies into the final chorus. I figured it was an appropriate song to upload now since Seattle is supposed to get a lot of rain (although I'm told that's a myth). The tone also matches the mood I've been in today.

I miss my ukulele so much. It just didn't fit in with the rest of my luggage. For years I've wanted to make a ukulele mini-album covering some of my old songs and also playing some new ones. Obviously it would be a lot more polished than this, but who knows if that will happen.


Sunday, May 10, 2015

I have gnome idea what to title this

I've had a busy past few days fulls of lots of walking and wandering around a few of the more centrally located neighborhoods in Seattle. Things I've done:

  • Explored Chinatown. (I was told I'd seem like a normie if I called it the "International District.") I appreciated the selection at the Daiso there over the one downtown, and I picked up some sheet masks, a wallet, and a loofah. Uwajimaya had some yummy tofu and a huge Hello Kitty selection, but I was most impressed with their skincare stuff. They carry practically the entire Hada Labo line!
  • Worked my way up to Waterfall Garden Park and had a snack.
  • Moseyed into the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park (because it was free, but I did donate a dollar! *pats self on back*). Learned about pioneers. Learned that I'd be worth $1,632,721.14 if I were made of solid gold (based on today's standards).
  • Wandered up Pioneer Square and poked around some shops. I especially enjoyed looking around Magic Mouse Toys.
  • Took the bus to Madrona Park for lunch. Stared at Mount Rainier for a while and then at some ducks.
  • Went to a club called R Place with some viewers (who I now considered friends) and some of their friends.
  • Walked around pretty much the entire Capitol Hill neighborhood.
  • Bought so many sheet masks I don't know what to do with myself. Maybe I'll review some of them soon.
  • Walked and walked and walked and walked everywhere. I'm gonna get my San Francisco ass back from all this walking.
  • And, finally, I accidentally deleted all the photos I've taken. Wow. There weren't but about a dozen anyway, because I've still been taking mostly video. And luckily I've already edited together a Seattle video that will be posted on my YT channel tomorrow.
The weather has been beyond gorgeous. It hasn't rained since the day I got here, and I've been able to wear anything I've wanted very comfortably. I've also found the city incredibly easy to navigate, both by bus and walking. The people here also seem very nice. At least a dozen viewers have stopped me on the street or in shops to say hello, which just doesn't happen in Arkansas. And a man helped me transfer buses to the underground when I didn't understand. I feel like a stranger, but also not like a stranger at all, if that makes sense.

I still need to go to the EMP Museum and take a photo with the Alien, ride a ferry (not a fairy, although that would make a great pun), and there's also a ghost tour I'd like to go on, as well as a few creepy little oddity shops to explore. Oh and the Japanese Garden. And that troll under the bridge. And everything else.

This coming week, Sam is going to be in town, I have plans to see a few more people, I'm finally gonna head up to UW, and I believe I'll be seeing a Harry Potter-themed roller derby bout.

Here's the one photo that didn't get deleted because I texted it to my family/friends:

From Madrona Park.

Oh, and this picture, which I took with my phone:

In Daiso. I have gnome idea why I took this. (Eh? Ehhh?)

As usual, there are a few more pics on my Instagram. Specifically, one of a cow mural and one of some buildings while I was eating pizza (after buying sheet masks, of course).


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hello, Seattle

I arrived in Seattle yesterday and promised myself I'd blog about my adventures here over the next four weeks. That's probably the least I can do considering blogging more was one of my resolutions this year and I haven't posted since January.

Things I did on Day One:

  • Went to Pike Place Market. It was very crowded and full of life. I found a secluded spot on a balcony nearby and watched the Ferris wheel for a while. A man came over and played his accordion for me. He played a song I knew--an oldie--but I can't think of the name. (Edit: Just watched the video I took and it was "Yesterday" by The Beatles. How could I have forgotten that?)
  • A vendor let me sample an apple. I don't know what kind it was, but it was the best apple I've ever had.
  • Went to Olympic Sculpture Park. It was free, which is my favorite price.
  • Purchased my first Seattle cup of coffee. It was some sort of orange and chocolate blend. I just told them to make whatever because my knowledge of coffee is lacking. They probably hated me, but the coffee was great.
  • Walked by the waterfront and sat on a pier.
  • Went to the Daiso downtown. That was my favorite store in San Francisco and I've missed it like crazy. This one was significantly smaller, but I'm gonna go to the one in Chinatown tomorrow, which I've heard is larger. But I still picked up an adorable holder for my bus card, two sheet masks I haven't tried before, and a bunny key cover.
  • Walked around downtown, did some shopping, and walked back to the place I'm staying in Capitol Hill.

There are a few types of trees here that aren't in Arkansas, in particular those evergreen ones that always look like they're drooping or wet. I really like them. The evergreens in Arkansas are way too perky. You might say they're a little too spruced up. (I had to.)

It rained at one point, even though the sun was shining, but nobody seemed to notice.

Also, as I was walking back to my place, a viewer stopped me and asked for a photo. We talked for a bit and I might go out with him and his friends tomorrow night.

Today was mainly full of touristy-type things. Hopefully I'll be going off the beaten path soon and exploring more. I've been mainly taking video so I can edit together something for YouTube eventually, but I did snag a few photos.

A very Seattle photo I took with my phone to send to my family and BFF.
(Would also make a great advertisement for that ferry company.)
The Ferris wheel. Taken near where the man was who played the
accordion for me.
A sculpture thing and the Space Needle, which I haven't been to yet.
This photo is unedited and I can't get over the sky color.
The desk I'm blogging from. This is my Chromebook, but I also brought
my heavy duty gaming and editing laptop, so hopefully gaming vids
will still be happening. This one looks funny with my gaming mouse
hooked up to it. And yes, that's a juice box.
There are a few more pics on my Instagram, here (dressing room) and here (blood oranges) and here (skyline).

I've decided the theme of this trip is Tiffany (from Girls' Generation) singing, "I'm going to find my heart," over and over and over again. (If you're a SONE, you'll know. But it's at 1:13 in this video.) That part is now also my ringtone just so I can be reminded.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I am amazing at naming horses

I just needed to make a post about how amazing I am at naming horses.

I've been playing this game called Secret of the Magic Crystal. It's probably meant for 13-year-olds so obviously I bought it (but at least I waited until it was on sale). Basically, you breed horses, race them, sell them, brush them, train them--everything I guess people do with real horses. I don't really know because I don't like horses. (There's some irony going on here.) I'd planned to play a bit of this game on my gaming channel, but I'm kind of afraid people would fall asleep.

Anyway, here are a few of the horses I've owned so far and the amazing names I've given them.

First is my unicorn, BitneySpurs [hold for applause]. She is fabulous:

My demon steed, HilaryDeath:

NeighomiCampbel (get it?), my ice steed. Obviously named after the stone cold fox supermodel. (I had to leave off the final "L" because there's a character limit.)

And my fire steed, RunDevilRun, in honor of the Girls' Generation song.

In conclusion, if you have a horse that needs to be named (especially a mythical horse), let me know because I clearly have a gift.